...primarily a working dog
HOF WTCH Choctaw Frisky Inspirator, RTDcs, RD,
HOF WTCH Crown Point Inspirator Bar LW, RDX
HOF WTCH CH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Pt, RDX
HOF Las Rocosa Lester
Las Rocosa Bengali Tigress, OTDc, STDsd
WTCH Mighty Fine Second Chance, CD
Manchado's Levi
Dakota Blue Cotton Candy
Rossy's Frisky Daisy, ATDsd, OTDc, RTDs
WTCH Cutter's Hill Ace in the Hole, CD, CGC
HOF WTCH Zephyr's Crimson King, RDX
WTCH Powder Kegs Echo Heidi, RDX
Manchado Janie Frisky Rossy, CD, ATDsd, STDc
CH Manchado Mutual Gains
VCH Casa Buena Kameo, CDX, OTDc, ATDsd
WTCH Crown Point CricketOnTheHearth,
HOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson, RTDs, DNA-CP
Crown Point Kemo Sabe
WTCH CH The Hawk of Las Rocosa
Crown Point Tarcoola Blue
HOF Crown Point Kk Khyan
HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Point, RDX
Crown Point Just-A-Bear
HOF Bar LW Crown Point Deva, DNA-CP
HOF WTCH Crown Point Inspirator Bar LW, RDX
HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Point, RDX
WTCH Mighty Fine Second Chance
Bar LW Ty One On
Bar LW Whisky Joe
Las Rocosa Sherry Delight
WTCH Hullabaloo Opie Taylor Mayd, RTDcs, DNA-VP

Opie was a strong dog and inherited his parents' savvy to work cattle. He was an all around chore type dog and learned the ropes quickly. He naturally squared off the stock, a bit pushy but responded very well to correction. He was strong on both ends and read cattle exceptionally well. He heeled low and bit hard, yet like his father, he only bit when necessary, using a force bark occasionally or presence more often than not, but never afraid to back it up with a bite if warranted. He was an incredible little dog, full of enthusiasm and play and had a great sense of humor.
Mike and Melinda May  *  Fredericksburg, Texas  *  830-456-2941  *  e-mail
"It all begins with a dream for the future, and it all happens with what you do today"   ~ Unknown
photos above by Hansu Laitala
Eyes cleared annually to 10 years, iris to iris ppm
OFA "Good"     AS-20049G28M-PI

Registered Name: Hullabaloo Opie Taylor Mayd
Call Name: Opie
Owned by: Melinda May
Bred by: Mike and Melinda May (Hullabaloo)

DOB: 5/31/2002
Deceased: 8/9/2013

Color: Red merle / white trim
Tail: Full / docked
Dentition: Full, scissors
ASCA #E121977
AKC #DN007954/02

COI: 20.21%

Working weight: 37 pounds
Height: 19 inches