...primarily a working dog
photo by Hansu Laitala
HOF WTCH Choctaw Frisky Inspirator, RTDcs, RD,
HOF WTCH Crown Point Inspirator Bar LW, RDX
HOF WTCH CH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Pt, RDX
HOF Las Rocosa Lester
Las Rocosa Bengali Tigress, OTDc, STDsd
WTCH Mighty Fine Second Chance, CD
Manchado's Levi
Dakota Blue Cotton Candy
Rossy's Frisky Daisy, ATDsd, OTDc, RTDs
WTCH Cutter's Hill Ace in the Hole, CD, CGC
HOF WTCH Zephyr's Crimson King, RDX
WTCH Powder Kegs Echo Heidi, RDX
Manchado Janie Frisky Rossy, CD, ATDsd, STDc
CH Manchado Mutual Gains
VCH Casa Buena Kameo, CDX, OTDc, ATDsd
HOF WTCH W Lazy J U Betcha, DNA-VP
HOF WTCH Crown Point Red Baron W Lazy J, PATDcs, RTDcs, DNA-VP
HOF WTCH Bar LW Inspired Blue, RTDc, DNA-CP
HOF WTCH Crown Point Inspirator Bar LW, RDX
Bar LW Tequila Sunrise, STDc
HOF Crown Point Fire Starter, DNA-CP
HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Point, RDX
WTCH Mighty Fine Second Chance, CD
HOF WTCH Lor A Golden Zephyr of J2, DNA-CP
Lor A Yukons Denali
Silverledge Tuxedo Jack
Lor A Native Lady Yukon
Lor A Star Blu Lady Quinn
Lor A Five Star Blu, CD
Lor A Native Lady Jane
WTCH Hullabaloo Inspired By U, DNA-VP

Chrome has a lot of quiet power like his father. At a very young age he was standing face to face with belligerent stock and quietly holding his ground, not getting excited or taking a cheap shot. He is fairly loose eyed yet tends to be a naturally wide worker with naturally square flanks. His sense of group is exceptional. He is also very good at working lambs and light sheep, reading them well and placing himself accurately.

Chrome has more than exceeded my expectations. He finished his WTCH in 7 months, at five trials, and in 21 runs. He won 10 first places, 6 second places (all his runs were placements in the top 4), 2 HITs out of Open (cattle and ducks) and 3 HITs out of Advanced cattle, 2 belt buckles - one at a pre-trial at Nationals where he won Hi-Combined Open, and one from his very first trial where he won Most Promising Started. Now he does chorework for Mike and handles the cattle at the lease places.
Mike and Melinda May  *  Fredericksburg, Texas  *  830-456-2941  *  e-mail
"It all begins with a dream for the future, and it all happens with what you do today"   ~ Unknown
CERF Clear     AS-EYE85/64M-VPI (1/28/2013)
OFA Hips: Mild hip dysplasia
               (subluxation/remodeling of femoral head/neck - unilateral - left)
OFA Elbow: "Normal"     AS-EL4468M37-VPI
MDR1 Normal / Normal (by parentage)
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Carrier

Registered Name: Hullabaloo Inspired By U
Call Name: Chrome
Owned by: Melinda May
Bred by: Melinda May and Dana Mackenzie
(Hullabaloo / Hearthstone)

DOB: 7/29/2007
Color: Blue merle / white and copper trim
Tail: Full / docked
Dentition: Full, scissors
ASCA #E159073
AKC #DN18770102

COI: 14.34%

Working weight: 43 pounds
Height: 20 inches