Dogs we love from afar....

...primarily a working dog
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"It all begins with a dream for the future, and it all happens with what you do today"   ~ Unknown
Quigley had a wonderful life with Debby. He was a miracle puppy several times over.
Java had a wonderful life with Claudia.
Viksu went to live a charmed life with Hansu Laitala in Finland. She and Hansu had a beautiful partnership and were doing well in many venues. Hansu lost Viksu to a tragic accident way too soon.
The Babe lives in Minnesota with Gwen Litz and from all reports is quite the character.
Swing went to live with Steph Gibson in Australia. Jackie Boaz was the driving force behind sending a Hullabaloo pup so far across the world. Swing appears to be doing well in the land downunder.
Trey was a return puppy that found his way to Glenda and Larry Teaff (Choctaw). He was speedy little thing with a lot of grit and had just started to become a capable hand on the ranch when they tragically lost him to a freak accident..
Savvy lives in Indiana with Ferreh Hiatt at Waylon Australian Shepherds. She is a fierce, tenacious worker and we are very happy that she and Ferreh have developed such a beautiful partnership.
Decker was bred by Diana Decker and was our puppy from the litter. He now lives a life of luxury with Virginia near Dallas.
Billy lives with Dana Mackenzie and does many of the chores on her place. He was not supposed to stay with Dana but he worked his way around her heart and when it was time to leave, they weren't about to be separated.
Beau x Cricket (2002)
Beau x Shine
Beau x  Bet (2007)
Beau x Bet (2011)
Spur x Bet (2009)
Spin x Bet (2012)