...primarily a working dog

HOF WTCH Crown Point Red Baron W Lazy J, PATDcs, RTDcs, DNA-VP

HOF WTCH Bar LW Inspired Blue, RTDc, DNA-CP

HOF WTCH Crown Point Inspirator Bar LW, RDX
HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Pt
WTCH Mighty Fine Second Chance, CD

Bar LW Tequila Sunrise, STDc
Bar LW Whiskey Joe
Las Rocosa Sherry Delight

HOF Crown Point Fire Starter, DNA-CP

HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Point, RDX
HOF Las Rocosa Lester
CH Las Rocosa Bengali Tigress

WTCH Mighty Fine Second Chance, CD
Manchado Levi
Dakota Blue Cotton Candy

HOF WTCH Lor A Golden Zephyr of J2, DNA-CP

Lor A Yukons Denali

Silverledge Tuxedo Jack
Zias Tuff Enough Robin, CD, STDd, OTDs, RTDs, DNA-CP
Silverledge Freckles

Lor A Native Lady Yukon
Lor A Two Blu
Lor A Native Lady Raven

Lor A Star Blu Lady Quinn

Lor A Five Star Blu, CD
Connollys Sweet Smiley
Silverledge Belle Star

Lor A Native Lady Jane
Lor A Native King Zeb, CD, ATDd, STDs
Lor A Shamrock Queen
HOF WTCH W Lazy J U Betcha, DNA-VP
Mike and Melinda May  *  Fredericksburg, Texas  *  830-456-2941  *  e-mail
"It all begins with a dream for the future, and it all happens with what you do today"   ~ Unknown
CERF: AS-8652 (5/24/12)
OFA Hip: "Good"     AS-23860G26F-VPI
OFA Elbows: "Normal"     AS-23860G26F-VPI
MDR1 Normal / Normal

Registered Name: W Lazy J U Betcha
Call Name: Bet
Owned by: Dana Mackenzie and Melinda May
Bred by: Joe E Kern

DOB: 7/21/2005

Color: Black / copper and white trim
Tail: Full / docked
Dentition: Full, scissors
ASCA #E142874
AKC #DN11902902

COI: 3.36%

Working weight: 40 pounds
Height: 20 inches