...primarily a working dog
photo by 2MC Design
HOF WTCH Crown Point Inspirator Bar LW, RDX
HOF WTCH CH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Pt, RDX
HOF Las Rocosa Lester
HOF CH Las Rocosa Shiloh
CH Las Rocosa Leslie, OTDs, CD
CH Las Rocosa Bengali Tigress, OTDc, STDsd
HOF Las Rocosa Lester
CH Las Rocosa Alice Blue Gown
WTCH Mighty Fine Second Chance, CD
Manchado's Levi
Silvertone Circuit Breaker
Hecke's Delightfully Black
Dakota Blue Cotton Candy
Las Rocosa Comanche's Chance
J Bar D Misty Chance
Rossy's Frisky Daisy, ATDsd, OTDc, RTDs
WTCH Cutter's Hill Ace in the Hole, CD, CGC
HOF WTCH Zephyr's Crimson King, RDX
HOF WTCH Las Rocosa Merlin Hart, RDX, ATDh
Zephyr's Hobokin Rose
WTCH Powder Kegs Echo Heidi, RDX
Tindol's Echo, OTDs, ATDdc
Black Powder Calamity Jane, STDdc
Manchado Janie Frisky Rossy, CD, ATDsd, STDc
CH Manchado Mutual Gains
CH Mighty Fine Dividend, CD, STDcd, OTDs
CH Casa Buena Bonita of Manchado, CD, STDs, OTDd
VCH Casa Buena Kameo, CDX, OTDc, ATDsd
CH Fairoaks Stormy Streaker
Lingles Foxy
HOF WTCH Choctaw Frisky Inspirator, RTDcs, RD, DNA-CP

Mike and Melinda May  *  Fredericksburg, Texas  *  830-456-2941  *  e-mail
"It all begins with a dream for the future, and it all happens with what you do today"   ~ Unknown
Beau proved to be one of those Aussies that learned his chores quickly and did them without much training, adapting quickly to each situation, proving himself a truly "useful" dog time and time again. He had an exceptional sense of group, read his stock well, was a powerful, wicked quiet, and fair worker. He worked cattle confidently and efficiently, controlling both ends equally well. His heel was low and quick, turning his head out appropriately, arching in and out safely and hitting just above the hoof. He hit heads appropriately, backing off the pressure and allowing the stock to move on. He worked authoritatively and thoughtfully, with a quiet manner that kept the stock calm with a clear understanding of who was in charge. He excelled working large groups, doing so with minimal effort and little wasted energy, waring appropriately and tucking in the corners neatly. I often found myself stopping to watch him do his chores; taking a moment to enjoy the show. In my eyes, his ability to manage stock, especially cattle, was breathtaking.

He had a sweet and loving temperament, wonderful with children and was our resident "puppy raiser". He "mothered" rejected lambs and orphan fawns and cleaned the faces on the bottle babies until they sparkled. He was an excellent playmate for our children and tolerated their pulling and poking and squeezing with no complaints. He was a ball fanatic to the point of obsessive-compulsive behavior, had a great sense of humor and lived life to it's fullest.

Beau is the yardstick by which we judge all others. He was the heart of our young family.

Some rare video of Beau...a ranch trial cattle run.

Eyes cleared annually to 10 years with no notations
OFA "Good"
MDR1 Normal / Normal
DM  Suspected carrier

Registered Name: Choctaw Frisky Inspirator
Call Name: Beau
Owned by: Mike and Melinda May
Bred by: Glenda and Larry Teaff (Choctaw)

DOB: 10/19/1994
Deceased: 2/14/2011

Color: Red merle / white trim
Tail: Full / docked
Dentition: Full, scissors
ASCA #E71530
AKC #DL557373/05

COI: 10.24%

Working weight: 47 pounds
Height: 19 3/4 inches